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Your Best Choice for Duplicators and Small Presses

Our most popular sheared surface cover. Utilizing modern, high-speed knitting equipment we are able to efficiently produce a range of premium sheared dampening materials. Moderately priced, Duroweave offers a highly absorbent sheared surface well suited to presses through 30”. It is characterized by a loose knit construction combined with a tall pile height. Duroweave is available in prepackaged cut lengths with drawstrings for all duplicators, small web, and sheet-fed presses.Cleaning and mounting instructions.

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What is a "Sheared Surface"?

Two of our leading dampening products, Duroweave and New Mol, undergo a unique surface treatment known as shearing. After the cover is knit, it is turned inside-out and passed through a machine simular to a drum sander which grinds the pile surface, opening the knitted loops. This cut pile results in an extremely soft, velour-like surface.

Shearing the loops permits every individual strand of fiber to wick water to the plate. This increased absorbsion capacity allows Duroweave and New Mol to absorb and transfer a thinner film of water faster and better than any other type of dampening cover.

Uniform water distribution is another major benefit of this secondary treatment. The surface of ordinary loop surface covers (such as Veratec's Red 1 or Jomac's Green Sleeves) have peaks and valleys due to tension variation during knitting. Press operators often compensate for this uneven surface by either increasing the cover-to-plate pressure or by turning the water control up a notch. Both of these cures are detrimental to either plate life and/or print quality. Duroweave and New Mol's surface, however, is sheared to a uniform depth from one end to the other; contact to the plate is always even across the plate. Additionally, the soft, nonabrasive surface results in longer plate life.

The smooth surface created by shearing also permits easy cleaning of the cover. Any ink buildup "sits" on the surface of the cover fibers as opposed to becoming trapped beneath or between the loops, as is often the case with other covers. A quick blast of tap water is all that is needed to return the cover to its original condition. As a result, Duroweave and New Mol will last 2 to 3 months if cleaned on a daily or frequent basis.

Also, these products have a much higher fiber density than other covers on the market. We knit more individual strands of very fine yarn into our product. The resulting benefit is a denser pile that provides greater water retention and distribution than coarsely knit products.