Jomac Watersleeves

A direct and lint free replacment for 3M paper sleeves and Red Runner type form roller covers

For the waterform roller of sheetfed and web presses, WaterSleeves™ is a shrink fit, lint-free alternative to paper sleeves. Specifically designed to improve dot sharpness, WaterSleeves™' synthetic construction is non-patterning, resistant to ink build-up and easy to clean. Jomac Watersleeves™ for the waterform position on a conventional Sheetfed Dampening system

roller diagram

Please note that Jomac WaterSleeves require a slightly oversized form roller, the same as recommended for paper sleeves. This is needed to accommodate the thinness of the material so that you may adjust the roller to the plate. Presses running paper sleeves already have the oversized roller.

Jomac watersleevesJomac WaterSleeves require less pressure to the plate and to the metallic distributor roller. The stripe should be 1/8" or the least amount of pressure to transfer an even amount of water.

When ordering Jomac WaterSleeves™, please specify the manufacturer and model of the press, and also the waterform outer diameter and roller face length. WaterSleeves™ are custom made with drawstrings to fit your press.