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How a Kompac System Operates

Fountain solution is held in the nip reservoir between the Kompac form roller and the Kompac metering roller. The form roller rolls across the plate with the non-image area of the plate taking the fountain solution and the image area of the plate splitting a layer of ink with the form roller. The Kompac form roller is both water and ink receptive. Ink and fountain solution are milled under pressure at the roller nip. The oscillator roller smoothes out the ink and water film for improved Kompac performance.

Kompac III


Kompac Systems Re-Balance Themselves Automatically

Surplus fountain solution is returned to the nip reservoir automatically at each pass of the cylinder gap. Kompac systems re-balance themselves for each impression providing instant start-up and the exact amount of dampening needed for quality reproduction.

kompac operation

Kompac Pays for Itself in 6 Months or Less

Between a 50% reduction in stock waste and an average increase in production of 30 minutes per shift, the Kompac Automatic Dampening System typically pays for itself in less than 6 months.

The Kompac Dampening System prints a thinner film of ink and water enabling jobs to be turned over faster and permitting larger solids, complicated screens, tiny reverses and difficult jobs to be run in an efficient manner.

The Kompac Dampening system is a “press proven” technology with over 100,000 installations worldwide.

Print the color you never dared to!

Kompac KOLORMATE®, an oscillating roller kit for Kompac II-equipped small offset presses that immediately enhances color printing and eliminates the ghosting, streaking and patterning that is so often found on small offset presses. Look at these KOLORMATE® benefits:

Features Advantages Benefits
Automatic ink/water balance

Surplus return

No need to rebalance system between jobs Easier to run, more productivity. Adjust only the ink keys.
Does not require alcohol Runs drier plate. Less fountain solution. Eliminates ink emulsification. Copy quality enhanced. Fountain solutions savings.

Prints salable 3rd sheet

Reduces Volatile Organic Compounds Conformance to EPA requirements. Healthier. (VOC) emission. Less expensive.
Continuous moisture feed

Reduction in proof copies. Less stock waste

More productivity/cost efficient. Also faster wash-up

Provides thinner moisture film

Eliminates water surges present with ducting systems & speeds ink drying.

Better copy quality. More uniformity.

Less waste/more productivity. Copy dries quicker job backup. Less sheet curl. Cost efficient.

With a KOLORMATE® on your Kompac II-equipped press, you will print color jobs at a quality level usually found on larger presses. If you are buying a Kompac Automatic Dampening System, the KOLORMATE® is a “must” for you. Order your Kompac with a factory-installed KOLORMATE® and save!

We sell all the parts and rollers for Kompac II and Kompac III. Please visit the Kompac parts page for parts schematics for your press.

Kompac now offers Kwik Kolor Ink Fountain Control System & Kwik Finish UV Coating System.