parts printing pressesParts and Rollers for Kompac Dampeners

New replacment parts, rollers, and accessories for Kompac II and Kompac III Automatic Dampening Systems. We now carry Kompac III & Kompac IV parts for Heidleberg GTO46, GTO52, GTO-52 Alcolor, GTO DI, MO; Omni Adast 515, 525, 516, 526, 700 Series; Polly 66; Fuji 52/Shinohara 52; Komori 25; Man Roland Practica 52 & 66; Sakurai 52; Hashimoto AFS & JM; Solna 25; Ryobi 512, 520, 522; Hamada 248 & 252

Please have Kompac Model and Serial Number when ordering. Kompac Model & Serial Numbers can be found on the Kompac Cover. Please contact us by email, or call 800-543-1117, 201-935-9595 if you need technical assistance or help locating part numbers.

Kompac II Model Parts Manuals

Kompac II

ABDick Ryobi - Itek
AB5060/AB5060-KM: 350/360/8805/8810 w/plastic safety covers RYB2728/RYB2728-KM: 2700/2800/950/960
AB8800/AB8800-KM:8805/8810/8815/8820 w/metal safety covers RYB3200/RYB3200/KM: 3200/975
AB8900-KM: 8915/8920 RYB3200W-KM: 3200 w/wider image area
AB9875/AB9875-KM: 375/9800 Old Style w/plastic safety covers RYB32MCD-KM: 3200MCD
AB9800/AB9800-KM: 9800 new style w/metal safety covers RYB332-KM: 3302/3985
AB9900: 9910/9970 RYB33-KM: 3300/3980
AB990-OEM: 9910/9970 RYB-334: 3302H/3302HA/3304H/3304HA
AB3850-KM: 385/MGD22 RYB5102-KM: 512/512NP
AB8090-KM: 9880/9880D/9890/9890D RYB52-KM: 520/520NP
RYB332-KM: 9985 Two Unit Kit RYB522-KM: 522/522NP
RYB-334-KM: 9995 / 9995A / 4995 / 4995A RYB522R-KM: 522/522NP w/recirculator
ABC3500: CENTURY 3500  
  T-51 for Ryobi/Itek
T-51 for AB Dick RYB2728-ST-KM: 2700/2800 S-1 SuperT
AB5060TML: 350/360 T-51 square frame RYB32-ST-KM: 3200/3200MCD S-1 SuperT
AB9899-ST: 9800/9900 S-1 Super T  
Multilith HMD234
M125/M125-KM: 1250/1250N/1250LW HMD2340-OEM
M125IPC/M125IPC-KM: 1250/ 1250N/ 1250LW improved plate clearance HMD2340R-OEM
M125ML/M125ML-KM: 1250 multi-lever presses HMD248
M2629: 2650/2675/2850/2975 HMD2480-OEM
M1316/M1316-KM: 1330/1650 HMD252
M1316IPC/M1316IPC-KM: 1330/1650 improved plate clearance HMD34-1-N
M1819-I-KM: 1850/1870/1860/1960/ 4610/4620 main head HMD34-1-O
M1819-II-KM: 1850/1870/1860/1960/ 4610/4620 all model 20 color heads HMD34-2-N
TK47/TK47-KM:1218 sn987282<; Toko 1800/4700/4750 w/plastic safety covers HMD34-2-O
TK4750/TK4750-KM:1218 sn987283 >; Toko 1800/4700/4750 w/metal safety covers HMD47-1-O
T-51 for Multi HMD48
M125-TML/M125-TML-KM: 1250 T-51 square frame multi lever control HMD600
M125-TSL/M125-TSL-KM: 1250 T-51 square frame single lever control HMD600-1
M1316-TML/M1316-TML-KM: 1330/ 1360/1450/1650 multi lever control HMD600-2-N
M1316-ST-KM: All 1450/1650 S-1 Super T HMD600-2-O
M1316-TSL/M1316-TSL-KM: 1330/ 1360/1450/1650 single lever control HMD6112
ATF-Chief and Gestetner: check Kompac Serial# HMDDU34-2-O
Tech Bulletin HMDSU47-1-N
AF15/AF15-G: 15/115/215 HMDSU47-2-N
AF17/AF17-G: 17/117/217  
GTS11/GST11-KM: 311 Toko
GTS12/GST12-KM: 312 TK47/TK47-KM: 1800/4700/4750 w/plastic safety covers
GTS13/GST13-KM: 313 TK4750/TK4750-KM:1800/4700/4750 w/metal safety cover
  TK4750-PP: Toko 4750 ProPrint

Kompac III Model Parts Manuals

Kompac III

Heidelberg Omni-Adast
GTO 46 AD500: Adast 500 515
GTO 52 AD506: Adast 516
GTO 52 Alcolor AD700: Adast 700 Polly 66
GTO 52 DI 4 color 120V AD705
GTO 52 DI 4 color 240V AD315: Adast 314 and 315
GTO 52 DI 5 color 120V  
GTO 52 DI 5 color 250V Komori
Printmaster 52 1st Head Komori 25
Printmaster 52 2nd Head  
MO Fuji / Shinohara


Kompac Rollers
Part Number Description Kompac Model
V-92420 11-1/8" Metering AB5060, AB8800, AB8900
P-92K13 11-1/8" Form AB5060, AB8800, AB8900
V-91302 11" Oscillator Kolormate Model 20: AB5060, AB8800, AF17, AF17G, GST12, M125, M125IPC, M125MLM2629
V-91303 11-1/2" Oscillator AB8900, HMD-600-1, HMD-600-2-0, HMD-600-2-N, RYB2728, RYB2728-ST
V-95510 Metering AB5060TML, M125TML, M125TSL
V-95500 Form AB5060TML, M125TML, M125TSL
V-91315 Oscillator AB5060TML, M125TML, M125TSL
V-92460 13" Metering AB9800, AB9875, AB9900, HMD6112, M1316, M1316IPC,GST13,GST413
P-92K11 13" Form AB9800, AB9875, AB9900, HMD6112, M1316, M1316IPC, GST13, GST413
V-91306 13" Oscillator Kolormate Model 60, 61: AB9875, HMD6112, M1316, M1316IPC, GST13, GST413
V-94760 13" Form M1316IPC
V-94998 13-1/4" Oscillator AB9800, AB9900
V-94240 13-1/4" Metering AB9899-ST, AB-C3500, HMD234, HMD234R, HMD34-1-N, HMD34-1-0, HMD34-2-N, HMD34-2-0, M1316-ST, RYB32MCD, RYB32-ST, RYB33, RYB330(single), RYB330(double), RYB332(single), RYB332(double), RYB3200W, TK47, TK4750M
V-95193 Form AB-C3500
V-95410 Form AB9899-ST, M1316-ST, M1316TML
V-95420 Metering M1316TML, M1316TSL
V-91311 Oscillator(long stroke) AB9899-ST, AB-C3500, HMD234, HMD234R, HMD34-1-N, HMD34-1-0, HMD34-2-N, HMD34-2-0, HMD-DU34-2-N, HMD-DU24-2-0, M1316-ST, RYB32MCD, RYB32-ST, RYB33, RYB330(single), RYB330(double), RYB332(single), RYB332(double), RYB3200W, TK47, TK4750M
V-95871 Oscillator M1316TML, M1316TSL
V-92710 23-1/4" Metering AB3850, AB8090
V-92720 23-1/4" Form AB3850, AB8090
V-91308 23-1/4" Oscillator AB3850, AB8090
V-92400 11" Metering AF17, AF17G, M125, M125IPC, M125ML, M2629, GST12,
P-92K10 11" Form AF17, AF17G, M125, M125ML, M2629, GST12,
V-94770 11" Form M125IPC
V-92440 10-5/8" Metering AF15, AF15G, GST11, GST411
P-92K12 10-5/8" Form AF15, AF15G, GST11,GST411
V-91301 10-5/8" Oscillator Kolormate Model 10: AF15, AF15G, GST11, GST411
V-92694 12-7/8" Metering Chief XLK
V-92693 12-7/8" Form Chief XLK
V-92500 12-9/19" Metering HMD600 (obsolete)
P-92K14 12-9/19" Form HMD600 (obsolete)
V-91305 12-9/16" Oscillator Kolormate Model 50
V-92145 Metering HMD-600-1, HMD-600-2-0, HMD-600-2-N
V-92144 Form HMD-600-1, HMD-600-2-0, HMD-600-2-N
V-92560 18" Metering HMD700 (obsolete)
V-92570 18" Form HMD700 (obsolete)
V-91307 18" Oscillator HMD700 (obsolete)
V-90973 Form HMD234, HMD234R, HMD34-1-N, HMD34-1-0, HMD34-2-N, HMD34-2-0, HMD-DU34-2-N, HMD-DU24-2-0
V-90889 Form HMD-DU34-2-N, HMD-DU24-2-0
V-93129 Metering HMD-47-1-0, HMD-47-2-0, HMD-SU47-1-N, HMD-SU47-2-N
V-93121 Form HMD-47-1-0, HMD-47-2-0, HMD-SU47-1-N, HMD-SU47-2-N
V-91309 18-3/8" Oscillator HMD-47-1-0, HMD-SU47-1-N
V-91313 Oscillator HMD-47-2-0, HMD-SU47-2-N, M1819-I, M-1819-II
V-94381 Metering M1819-I, M1819-II
V-92040 18-3/8" Form M1819-I, M1819-II
V-92520 11-1/2" Metering RYB2728, RYB2728-ST
V-92530 11-1/2" Form RYB2728
V-95827 Form RYB2728-ST
V-92540 12-11/32" Metering RYB3200
V-92550 12-11/32" Form RYB3200
V-91304 12-11/32" Oscillator Kolormate Model 40: RYB3200
V-91900 13-1/4" Form RYB32MCD, RYB32-ST, RYB33, RYB330(single), RYB330(double), RYB332(single), RYB332(double), RYB3200W,
V-94250 13-1/4" Form TK47, TK4750M


Frequently Used Parts
Part # Description
P-30083 * V-92260 Old Style Teflon Seals
V-92280 includes 1set seals Retro-Fit Kit to Convert to N.S. Seals
P-30093 * V-92370 New Style Teflon Seals
V-93930   Kompac Cleaning Seals (12sets)
V-92380   RH & LH Backing Plate Kit
V-92236   Tab Spring for Backing Plate
V-92303   Seal PLate Shield Screw
V-92691   Cover Nut
V-92760   Cap Asy for V-92771 Water Bottle
P-11083   O-Ring for Cap
V-92771 Round Water Bottle for V-92760 Cap
V-92780   Low Profile Cap Asy for V-92777 Bottle
V-92777 Square Low Profile Bottle for V-92780 Cap
V-92760   Nozzle
P-30088   Syringe
V-91111   Dog for Oscillating Rollers (Kolormate)
P-838   Form Roll Bearings

Kompac Gear Clutch Assembly for Multi

Kompac clutch gear for Multi

M125 Multi 1250 V-12404-250
M125IPC Multi 1250 IPC Model V-91800
M1316 Mutli 1330/1650/1450 V-13404-531

Kompac Gear Clutch Assembly for AB Dick

350/360/9875 old style V-36404-312 double hub not pictured
350/360/9875 new style P/N V-36404-436 single hub pictured